Fahrplanauskunft für Sehbehinderte


For our IsarCard season ticket, we have broken the zones down further, into four rings per zone. So the MVV region consists of 16 rings in total. 

The price of your weekly or monthly ticket is based on the number of rings you will travel through (minimum of two). You can use all lines in all directions within your chosen rings.

If you live in Haar and work at Marienplatz, buy a season ticket for rings 1 – 4. This ticket not only enables you to travel between Haar and Marienplatz, but also any which way you like within rings 1 – 4. So it can take you to the Olympiazentrum, to Pasing, to Feldmoching or to Mangfallplatz. 

A season ticket for rings 1 – 4 corresponds to an Inner District Day Ticket. If you have this type of IsarCard, you would only need to buy an Outer District Day Ticket in order to travel to the airport. 

Tariff map entire network with 16 rings

Tariff map inner district with 4 rings